The radiosodium fission bomb

See also the DU fission shell, used systematically in the Gulf Wars and elsewhere.

All of what is described here is OF COURSE even more powerful with tritium instead of deuterium.

Why is there so much U236 in Iraq and Afghanistan ? And lead 208 in the teeth of malformed babies in Bassorah ? (article by Mozghan Savabieasfahani et al 2016) Why the trouble in the air after the use of a very powerful bomb in Yemen? (there are videos where flash points can be seen around the explosion)

The flash points seen in the famous video of the Yemen bomb (for which it was claimed on conspiracy websites that these are neutrons, whereas it is highly unlikely that neutrons can actually be seen in the air) are more likely the effect of the Compton diffusion of highly energetic photons (gamma rays here), because the explosion spreads around the Na24/Bi212 (emitters of very powerful gamma rays, Ti208 in the case of Bi212, which then decays into lead 208) used to power the bomb. Each flash point represents the gamma decay of an atom of Na24.

The use of sodium 24 produced in nuclear reactors and inserted in the liner of shaped charges, then mixed at the moment of the explosion with heavy water, generates a flux of neutrons, accelerated by the detonation of the shaped charge toward target.

  1. High energy gamma rays of sodium 24 extract them from heavy water atoms at a rate of approx. 2000 neutrons per Curie of sodium 24, but sodium 24 has a very high radioactivity, 322 270 TBq/gram, that is 8 710 000 Curie per gram)
  2. The shaped charge effect directs them towards the armour at the impact point. Fast neutrons will fission depleted uranium but more importantly will be slowed down by it, thus being able to fission very efficiently the U235 still present in depleted uranium. This will melt any armour made with depleted uranium and is used also to produce a jet of depleted uranium together with a DU shaped charge.
  3. The explosion a few seconds after the impact is due to supercriticity in the molten metal.

Sodium 24 has a short half life so it will not stay very long in the environment before becoming magnesium 24 (the stable isotope) after beta decay, but the amount of magnesium found in Iraqi soils in the South and the Center of the country also confirms use of the weapon. Iraqi soils are loaded with magnesium. This works also with bismuth 212, in which case no nuclear reactor is needed for production (only thorium mines) so it is possible to sell the tools to countries far away from sodium 24 production countries (Paul Bismuth probably does that, you all know who Paul Bismuth is ?).

Na24, Bi212, etc, also improve the incendiary effect thanks to radioactivity. The fast neutrons transmutate in the process a lot of U235 atoms, producing the U236 found “everywhere in Iraq” by Axel Gerdes (see also the 2006 documentary Deadly Dust, Todesstaub by Frieder Wagner) and the plutonium, neptunium, americium whose presence has been acknowledged “in DU weapons” by the US army in the end of 2000 (see addendum to the 2001 Canal + documentary by Martin Meissonnier for the press conference).

For a patent of shaped charge with water tank, see here (scroll down a bit). Of course sodium and water react violently, creating a violent fire.

It is very easy to produce “radiosodium” (Na24) from fast neutron reactors like ASTRID, MASURCA, PHENIX in France. This is certainly why France is so much unwilling to abandon the sodium technology in spite of the positive void coefficient of sodium at high energy. France is a good country to provide Na24 for bombs, closer to the Middle East and its oil… The Direction Générale des Armements even has a program for new weapon technologies called “ASTRID”, which has been launched more or less in the same timeframe than the ASTRID sodium reactor ! (the call for projects has taken place recently, it ended in March 2017)


ALL THANKS to Paolo Scampa for the info about production of neutrons from sodium 24 + heavy water !!!!!!


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