Fallout cloud from the Brunswick nuclear reactors fire and explosions (update with more fallout data in western Europe)

The main proof for the nuclear meltdown having caused a massive destruction in the Brunswick nuclear plant, with series of nuclear explosions and a strong fire (as happened in Fukushima) are summarized in this article, I will just point again to the brown/orange dust in the early days, the absolutely obvious production of light causing bursts of light seen from Wilmington at the same moment (demonstrating nuclear supercriticities) and the halo of energy that cleansed the atmosphere of its mist around Southport – since then the weather has been hot in the area and the amount of clouds is extremely limited. All that data is in the above article.

Let us take a look at how the cloud of radioactive particles has evolved since then. Tracking it with the available radioactivity beacons combined with the weather data is relatively easy. In the first days the cloud was partly pushed all around, to Arizona, to the north east of the US and from there to Ireland, England, Norway, but then a depression above the Atlantic has mostly brought it to a stall over the East Coast.

This Geiger shows precisely the day since when fallout has come to the North East of the USA : early Sept 18th : uradmonitor 82000 NY until 29 09.png

Another website, radiationnetwork.com, allows to compare with earlier data. Here’s first a “blank sample” that matches natural differences in background radioactivity due to geology (Jan 2015) :

Let us now compare with the raw data over the last days I have directly taken from it. First an image from Sept 16th at noon, which was as the explosions of the core were happening ; one can see how the readings are more or less close from IN to OH, PA, MA, with just a trend up in GA which certainly indicates the beginning of the fallout. Winds were spinning still, Florence was not over, the flow was solely pushed to the South West right where our GA beacon is.

capture 1.png

Then let us take a look later :




Capture du 2018-09-19 01-10-57
Sept 18th in the evening eastern time : More increases in TN, AL, and along the remains of Florence in IN, IL
20 sept end of day.png
20 Sept early afternoon eastern time : More fallout setting in the Old South and beginning of strong increases in the East Coast around DC, NY… the peak is almost over in IN an IL
From there winds spinning in the Atlantic stall the cloud around the area but part of the cloud had time to escape and came to north west Europe so let us see again some spikes in Ireland and Norway :

There also were much more limited spikes in England, the Netherlands and north western Germany. The main area for the fallout in Europe is Norway and will certainly be it as well later. Back to the East Coast, next days, where the cloud stalled because of spinning winds in the mid Atlantic, as stated above :

47 in NJ, 49 in GA, 41 in MA are very high readings showing the trend of the cloud

22 sept 23 h14.png
The fallout is obvious around AL, NC, GA, NJ, MA
fallout 25 09 2.png
Same comments
26 09 evening.png
Again and again
27 09 afternoon
Always the same area in the north eastern US coast that was under the winds during that period, with acute level in northern AL as well
28 09 afternoon
Same trend again. Philadelphia is at a level found only usually in uranium mining areas
52 Phila 29 09 morning.png
And the latest showing extremely high level in Philadelphia as well as the usual highs in AL, NC…

The fire can be expected to last long. The depression system in the mid Atlantic will be expected to carry its load of fallout where it will land (Europe ?).

Update : it landed on Oct 6/7 and again 11/12.

And more proof that the peaks involve uranium, which should have been obvious but is here confirmed with data showing ALPHA radioactivity

11/12 Oct :

I would like to remind :

  • how alpha emitters of the core, especially uranium 238 and uranium 235, are “timebombs” for human health because of the shorter half lives of their decay products (esp. in U238 the main component of any reactor fallout where the radioactive flow for alpha rays is really in an exponential trend)
  • how cannabis CURES the damage caused in the body by alpha emitters – but to save money and avoid stress it is better to reduce exposure from the beginning. Save money, read this article. It shows the high tendency of any uranium dust fallout to concentrate in the human genitals especially male testicles which are in a perfect position to collect the dust, with gravity. Masturbation is for men essential in eliminating the dust before any plan to have children. You also need to urinate and defecate a lot – drink a LOT of water and coffee…